Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back in the land of the Internet

We are back at Cape Point at the ECCO house. This morning we left Berefet where we had been for just under two weeks. This afternoon we are going to see our Wollof teachers again to pick up the drums and film a performance. Tomorrow we see our Mandinka teacher Momodou again and pick up the Koras. We already have the djembes, the ballaphones, the calabash drum, the talking drums, the rattles, and the flutes. Do you see how all of those instruments are pluralized? It is a very serious concern that we might be hugely over the weight limit with all of the instruments that we bought.

We'll be back in London on Saturday morning. Very very early: we land at 3:30am. Kate's boyfriend Simon will be driving Nick and I back to Sundial which is very nice of him- and greatly needed because frankly if he didn't drive us I have no idea how we would get back...

The trip has been great, we haven't had any massive fights and we're all still friends. Impressive, yes?

I'm really looking forward to resuming normal phone and internet service because I MISS YOU.


Anonymous said...

We, too are really looking forward to being in touch. So very pleased it all went so well!! Love you! G&G

laine said...

woo hoo for coming home! i'm excited to see all your new instruments, your pictures, and hearing all your stories. Some of our members are Wollof, btw. Looking forward to hearing about all the people you met. love you!