Thursday, April 10, 2008

Extra Special Office Blog Part I

I've spent the last two days at work filing. That is it; just putting files back on the shelves in alphabetical order. Now, this may sound typical since my job title is after all "temp-filing" but usually I get to do something else- like labeling, or pulling files, or franking all the mail. But no, the last couple of days have been just filing.

Wednesday I held up pretty well and put back nearly all of the files that just kept piling up, but today I found out how much I can slack off and still pretend that I am at work. To that end I thought today would be a great day to take pictures for a photo blog of work...

This first post is going to deal with the most important aspect of work: the tea!
This is an average sized kitchen cabinet. This average sized cabinet is used solely to hold tea bags and sugar. Each of those PGtips bags holds an "average of 1150 tea bags." The first time I opened this cabinet door I burst out laughing. One of the most common phrases heard in the office and one that I think I could now do in a flawless British accent is "would anyone like a tea or coffee...?"
These are the kettles (and the toaster, but whatever). I don't know how well you can tell this- but the kettles light up- the red one in the back is red because it is heating the water, the one in front is blue because it is not currently heating water. They glow. I think it would be more useful to have the light turn blue again once the water is no longer hot enough to make tea with- but that would be significantly more difficult and you can always just look to see if the kettle is still steaming or not.
This isn't a terribly appetizing example- but one of the best things about Finsbury is that not only are there innumerable tea and coffee breaks- but there is always cake! (cookies, chocolates, little gummy candies, etc.) Today there were variations on date cakes.
You can't really see this in the picture, but the sign on the window asks us to please wash our own dishes/cutlery so that other people don't have to. As you can see by the state of the sink- this is largely ignored. On Wednesday someone was soaking a jumper (sweater) in the little section on the right of the sink. It was weird. I tend to wash mugs/cups when I am desperately in need of a filing diversion.
That mug at the top there is my perfect cup of tea- I always use that mug (because you have to have one you always use- ya know?) and I like mine very strong with one sugar and super milky/white. (Alternatively I like it black.)

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KT said...

HA! I would love it there... I am addicted to PG Tips tea, tastes *much* better than Lipton!

--Kate H.