Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is getting ridiculous

I continue to see people who have absolutely no right to be in Baltimore right now. Just as an example: today I was down past Federal Hill at Passport Health where I got all inoculated for my Gambia trip (whew, one thing less to worry about) and it was such a gorgeous day that I decided to walk back to Peabody. As I was walking from the Science museum in the Harbor towards the rest of the Harbor I heard a wind band with drums. Since it is part of my philosophy of life to always follow the drums (wherever I hear them) I sought out the marching band.

The band was coming towards me, marching away in their green uniforms, and I thought they looked cute with Baltimore glowing in the sun behind them so I got out my camera to take some pictures.
As they got nearer I realized that they were from Roosevelt HS, and I thought- isn't it funny how you can find the same school names with the same colors all over the US?

Then they got nearer and I recognized Scott Brown and I started freaking out a little bit. I caught up with the mothers behind the band and one of them actually recognized me as "that teacher with the hyphenated name" 's daughter. (Never let it be said that I do not resemble my parents) So I called Daddy, but then I had to hang up because I saw NANCY ROSE! Which was just about the most exciting thing ever:
Because what is she doing in Baltimore? And this isn't the first case this trip either. Jason P. should be in Germany- but I ran into him at the computer lab. Paul A. should be in LA, but he picked me up and twirled me around outside of the Yacht Club. Claire P should also be in LA, but has apparently moved back to Baltimore. Gwen F. should be in Austria, Robin M. should be anywhere but at school...the list goes on. It is getting downright silly.

Today was my last chance to see Robin, so we met up for 10 minutes outside her car before she had to run off. I told her about seeing the Roosevelt Marching band and she told me that clearly all of this was happening because I had brought the magic with me to Baltimore. But look at that look on her face when she is looking at her daughter Samara- clearly it is Robin who brought the magic.

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