Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Angela's recital

I've loaded the photos that I've taken in Baltimore up on to my computer and looking through them has caused me to realize how many things I have totally forgotten to put up on this blog. Hence the deluge of entries right now.

Angela's recital was on Sunday. Her family came down/over from Kentucky/Southern Indiana and descended on the apartment/house. They are just the most wonderful people and it was really nice to see them all again. Also, I've been in London for 6 months, right? And I have barely picked up the accent. I hung out with Angela's family for 5 minutes before I started drawling all over the place...

They had brought reception food from home (Kentucky/Southern Inidana) and had assembled huge piles of ham sandwiches. I can't vouch for the ham, but the rolls were delicious. Apprently they are baked at a local bakery to them and they way they pull into two pieces so easily is because they are baked with a slab of butter on the inside. Tasty goodness say I. Angela's dad had also made some of his phenomenal lemon bars and mini pecan pies and Michelle had pitched in with some burbon ball cookies. I could only eat half of a tiny burbon ball. They were...strong.

Anyhow, enough with the food- Angela played wonderfully. There were some memory slips in the Bach (her first piece on the program) but her sound was lovely, her bow arm has improved immesurably and the rest of the recital went really, really well. She played some modern piece by Lancen that I enjoyed quite a lot and her Misek sonata made me grin.

At the reception Angela gave all of the Bass teachers gifts (who does that? She is the sweetest person ever) and what she gave them was engraved beer mugs that say "I teach bass at Peabody, want to buy me a beer?" which is just about the most perfect present ever. They laughed a lot.

There was far too much food (partially because there were so many recitals going on that a lot of people had to miss the reception because they were at someone else's recital) so we tried to press it on to as many people as possible. A box of peanut butter brownies went straight up to bass land where they started to disappear immediately.

Anyhow- Yay Angela! And plus, her dress was really pretty.


Anonymous said...

I got up this morning planning to ask you "what about the recital?" Thanks. Angela's dress is beautiful! Congratulations to Angela. Love G&G

Casitareina said...

Angela loved your email, and said thanks a lot for the encouragement. I'll let her know you said congratulations as well :)