Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Baltimore

Ronni came to visit on Saturday, and it was so very nice to see her. I picked her up from the train station at 9pm and we went and got desert at XS (a sushi/desert bar/breakfast food restaurant- because why not?). She is at Columbia School of Journalism right now and it has been a hard, but exciting and fruitful year. She is almost done because her school is normal and finishes in May (as opposed to July. We still have another whole term- I can't comprehend the school year being almost over).

We chattered away for hours and it was really nice to talk about what each of us is getting overly enthusiastic about. (We actually started chattering before we had even received the menus. The waitress was very nice about having to come up to us three times before we had actually looked at the menus and decided what to order.) Ronni is having to look for jobs now which is a frightening thing when what you do is music/arts criticism and newspapers are folding (heh!) or cutting down on arts space all the time. She is still doing a lot of reviewing for the Washington Post and has amazing contacts now (because she is completing a degree from the Columbia School of Journalism...) so she'll be fine. Last year at this time she was an opera singer who, you know, happened to be freelancing with the Washington Post.

More later, I'm off to go hang out at the Renaissance Ensemble rehearsal

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