Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There have been a bunch of advertising comments recently- so I have just enabled comment moderating and changed it so that you have to type in squiggly letters before blogger.com will let you post. This should completely rid the blog of spam comments- but it does mean that comments may take longer to actually show up now because I have to receive an email saying that you have posted a comment and then approve it.

So, a little more work- but hey! No more spam!

I'm back in London and I went shopping again today- this time for clothes that I can actually wear in the Gambia. (We leave on FRIDAY. Everyone is sending emails back and forth, I'm getting excited) I went to Camden and found this awesome shop that sells light, but fitted clothing from India. So I'm totally down with the fabric and the cuts. I bought a very nice shirt that I think I will even be able to wear to work after the trip- and a pair of Aladdin pants. They are billowy and peacock blue and a bit silly but I *like* them.

I've just about gotten over my jet lag and am having crepes with Latana tonight. She got back from Paris this morning and I met her at the St. Pancras Int'l station. There are more creperies then normal there. Probably this is because that is where the Eurostar leaves from and why not get a head start on Parisian food?


Anonymous said...

Instead of using comment moderation for everyone, why don't you make it so that only *un*authenticated comments need to be moderated?

That way, people like me, who use an OpenID (they're cool), don't have to be moderated. :-)

Have fun with the billowy pants!


Anonymous said...

Casey -

Welcome Back!!


Have a Good Trip!!

Dan G

Anonymous said...

May I sneak along?!! Have an absolutely amazing time. We love you,