Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures of my Room. Part 2

My bed. What a lovely quilt, thank you Grammy. In spite of the rest of my room being a mess (think it hasn't been yet? We haven't gotten to my desk) I do generally make my bed. Mostly because I really like the quilt and the duvet cover together. Who needs spring time with that around? (Me, I do. But this is good for now.)
Remember all those Instruments? This is where I store their cases. In that corner, not on the chair. The chair is apparently where I store all sorts of random bits of paper. So much paper. So little seating.
My desk. Piles mean that I know what is in them...okay. Not really. The box on the left is Laine's Christmas present, see how on top of things I am?
A picture of my sink and assorted other piles. That is the box/bench I mentioned earlier with my bow case sitting on it. The sink would normally be really handy, but I currently get no cold water at all and the hot water is scalding rendering the sink a bit useless. The poster in the upper Right is from one of the Maryland Institute College of Art printmaking shows that I helped to organize at Peabody. Mostly I just really like prints.
And here is the photo I probably should have started with- what my room looks like from the door. Yet another print up there on the Right. This time it is from a portion of Trudi Johnson's work (PJ's wife) that says "War does not determine who is right, it merely determines who is left" Or something along those lines...

Thus concludes the tour of my room. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

Guess I didn't do right the first time when I left a comment here. Said that it is great seeing a bit of your surroundings. Much, much appreciated.
Love from both of us,