Sunday, January 13, 2008

I get a bit bored before school starts

But fortunately people are arriving back! Which is lovely, because I missed them. Everyone is now back in my flat, which you can tell because the kitchen is a mess. I say this like it is their fault, when in reality about 50% of the dishes are totally mine and I am just being really lazy washing up wise.

Yesterday Latana and I went to The Portrait Gallery to see their exhibit of Pop art portraits. The Portrait Gallery is just off of Trafalgar square where there were a bunch of people standing with signs that said "Free Hugs" So I bounded over and got about six hugs. What a wonderful idea, I want to stand on street corners and get hugs all day.

The exhibit was pretty cool. Latana and I shared an audio guide (I hadn't known you could do that) which was half a good idea and half not a good idea because we had to stand within two and a half feet from each other and then move at roughly the same pace. Oh well.

Latana then decided that what she really needed was a frying pan, so we took the bus up to Oxford circus where all the shops are but for some reason our search for the frying pan took two and a half hours through the rain and went quite a long way off of Oxford circus and in to some Arabic portion of town which was neat because then Latana (who is half Algerian) started reading the signs and getting excited about the food, but was also very far away. Never fear though, we did eventually end up with a frying pan. So, you know, whew.

Today I met up with Cat in Covent Garden because she works at the Opera house and we had lunch and then a nice walk down to Trafalgar square. This time there were no free hugs, but there was a giant tent and a ton of people for the Russian Winter Festival, which probably would have been cooler if I had actually learned Russian in High School and could understand what was going on.

School starts on Tuesday, and I'm chomping at the bit.


Moogle Crusader said...

that sounds fun. what opera house?

Anonymous said...

~Katie (Katherine Wolf)