Thursday, January 17, 2008


I have arrived in India, safe and sound. The trip was fine, I was sitting next to a very nice couple who helped to tell me what the bollywood movie was about when we weren't getting any sound. Not that it mattered much as I was reading the subtitles anyway- but it was nice to have someone to make little comments too. Fortunately the sound in our headphones kicked in just in time for the first song. I think it was called "Jab se we met" Which means how we met, I think. Anyhow the female lead was annoying but the songs were fun and the scenery was beautiful. Then I tried to sleep, which was not as successful as I was on an aisle and my seat didn't lean back. I slept a bit, but have been quite tired all day long.

The big drama of the plane ride happened just before we landed when an old man died of a heart attack. I wouldn't know this (they were very subtle about the whole thing) except that I was in the last row and all of the flight attendants talked over our heads with a passenger who was a doctor who kept saying "There is nothing more we can do, he is dead already" So that was exciting.

Customs was painless and Sarah and Desh met me right outside the airport and Sarah and I jumped up and down when we saw each other, it was great. We went shopping this afternoon/evening and I know own two salwar kamees-s (spelling?) Also, am very very very tired, so am signing off now. Desh has a dial up connection, so even though it is slow I will do my best to keep you updated over the next four days!


Mom said...

Thank you, thank you for posting a blog. We all wanted to know that you made it there safely. Many thanks also to Sarah and Desh for taking good care of you. Have a great time!
love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled to hear from you and know that you are well cared for. Thanks to all the kind friends for their help. Blessings on the wedding and may they have a long happy life together. Love to all G&G

Moogle Crusader said...

glad to hear you made it!

a heart attack? sad. still, I do pity the poor people who had to take him off the plane. that would be even sadder...

have fun!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear the trip to India went "fine", except for not sleeping and having a medical drama on board!!!
How is your hand/fingers??

Love you,