Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I get asked questions:

An email from my mother:
Has school started again? Or your job? Nice to have the place to yourself? Did your plane ticket get sorted out?
Love, Mom

I've been hiding in Cheltenham (a charming little town) at my friend Jon's house which is actually a movie set. He lives kitty corner to chippie shop, and across the street from a pub. The corner is so stereotypically British. I loved it, but I'm back now and here to answer queries! School starts again on the 14th, and I'm looking forward to it. I haven't heard from Finsbury Health care for a few days, but they have my schedule for January and I hope to be hearing from them imminently about when I get to work. It has been lovely having the flat to myself, though now *someone* is back. I don't know who- but there are sausages in the fridge that clearly don't belong to me and weren't there before. Also, all of the lights were on when I got back.

I did get my plane ticket all sorted out, which is a relief. For those of you who don't know: I'm going to India! For five days for my friend Sarah Wylder's wedding. Assuming my visa comes through, actually I should really call back about that... Anyhow- I'm leaving on the 16th (in roughly a week) and flying to Bombay. Sarah's fiancee Desh's family lives in Thane which I understand is a suburb half and hour away from Bombay. So that is super exciting!

Clearly life will get more interesting in a week. Look for these exciting features coming soon!
*Andy's photos from the Christmas/New Year's trip
*A photo tour of my flat
*A photo tour of the surrounding areas
*A photo tour of Guildhall (assuming the building opens again soon and I can get pictures of the annex which is really where we spend most of our time)


Mom said...

thanks for the answers. Looking forward to more when you can.
love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Feel joy at hearing what you are doing and the timing of the trip etc. Thanks!! Look forward to a picture or two at the wedding. Very exciting! Love G&G

gwiz said...

Just how much more exciting is "super exciting" than "really exciting"?
Is it more exciting than "really really exciting"?
I'd like to know.

Matt D said...

that sounds like a lot of fun! post a hpoto of india :)

Matt D