Friday, January 11, 2008

Andy's first batch of pictures

Can now be found on flickr!

Also I got my Indian visa today. I was worried that I hadn't heard from them, and I wasn't sure what the procedure for picking up my visa (and passport...) was so I decided that I needed to get there early enough to get in the lines for applying for a visa (just in case). So I woke up at 8 and convinced myself that getting out of bed was actually a good idea (never an easy task) and ended up walking through pouring rain to the tube and then from Temple station to India house. I was so wet by the time I actually got there. Fortunately it was totally easy and I asked the people at the door which window to go to and it took maybe 5 minutes. It turns out it my visa has been ready since January 4h, oh well. Then I went home and climbed back in to my dry pajamas and bed. It was nice.

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