Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures of My Room. Part 1

I was going to clean more, honest. Oh well. I didn't want to keep you waiting forever for all of those photo collections I promised to post. So without further ado- This Is Where I Live:

Starting out with the most important: here is my bookshelf. I was really very restrained in terms of how many books I brought. Up there on the top shelf is a stack of music, a stack of files, a box of files, programs, a theory book, and usually cook books, but those are in the kitchen right now. The middle shelf has CD and books I actually own (9 of which are about London). The bottom shelf is where I keep my library books and a heating pad and apparently some assorted computer stuff. Also, please note the Harry Potter poster from the night the 7th book came out.

This is the wall I look at from my bed. It looks so sparse and empty in this picture, but really it is quite lovely. Please note the Sons of the Never Wrong poster, they're super cool and I bought the poster in Seattle which made it even cooler. Please also note the print out on the Left of my father teaching people to "Crank That" Pure Hilarity.
This is my window. I would make some quip about how it gets dark so early here and how I am in what amounts to a tunnel so I don't get very much light, but this picture was taken at 11pm and that wouldn't really be justified.
My instrument corner! It is really quite a spacious room, but that gets significantly less spacious once you put a bass, an electric bass, and an amp in there along with all their assorted cases. I have a picture of a gamba from the Royal College of Music museum up on my door to remind me that I do (or at least did) play early music too.
Another view of the instrument corner. I rotate out my stool for when I'm playing the upright (I store it in the kitchen, where, in return for storage space, I let people sit on them. Them because they came in a pack of two from Argos.) and a little box/bench for when I'm playing the electric. I store the box/bench over by my sink.

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