Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Van Gogh Museum

Some of the paintings make me physically sick. There was just so much movement that I would get a little nauseous looking at them. Intense. There was also a room where a few of his paintings were shown side-by-side with contemporaries of his, and his stuff is just crazy in comparison. I also think that it is fascinating that at some points his colors are completely off, no where near natural colors-like lime green skies, and you (I) don't notice. Everything just works so perfectly together that the lime green sky doesn't register- that is of course what color skies are. Crazy, man. I also realized, somewhat belatedly, that Van Gogh had a background in pointilism. It makes perfect sense, except that he took it away from dots and in to little slashes, which I think looks cooler.

In other news I have moved from the Cosmos Hostel, centrally located right next to the red light district and, to the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel which actually is centrally located and nearby all sorts of museums. I'm happier. Plus, they have free internet and their stairs are actually stairs and not silly stair/ladder combinations.

I did eventually get ahold of Peter and Gail, and we met up and went to a pub next to one of the ubiquitous canals. It ws nice to see them and chat with them. We played dominos as well. I'm going to the Opera tonight, I'll let you know how that goes. Currently I am on a mission to find flower markets, and tomorrow I am planning on going on "Mike's Bike Tours"which is the same organization that did the bike tour in Munich that Laine and I enjoyed so much three years ago. This one apparently goes out to the country-side, so I'm hoping it will go by tulip fields.

Also: sorry for any typos that there might be. I usually use spell check- but I can't figure out how to get blogger into English instead of Dutch, so it is highlighting practically my entire entry.

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Andy said...

Casey, it looks like you are going to the opera on opening night of this production -- is that right?