Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I got in to Guildhall!

And I have been crazy sick, so sorry about the lack of communication. I spent my last couple of days in London sleeping. Philip, who was very sweet, decided at one point that I had been asleep too long and that he was bored, so he came in and said "are you still asleep?!! Come play with me!" and then stalked petulantly out of the room. It was pretty cute. He also at one point started playing with his bionicles, and I woke up just enough to hear him say "If you need me, I'll be in cupboard." Which was so adorable that I woke up further to write it down, and then fell asleep again.

The flight back to Baltimore was very smooth, customs was no problem, everything is good. (Angela's birthday was this past weekend so they threw a party which means that the house was even clean! (we use parties as excuses to clean. If the house is getting particularly messy, we decide that it's time for another party.)) Zane came and picked me up from the airport and then Will came over to visit. I chattered non-stop from about 8pm (which is when I finally got out of the airport) to about mid-night (which is when I collapsed unceremoniously into my bed and slept).

Plus, once again the lovely weather has followed me. London started raining for the first time during my trip as I was walking to the tube to go to Heathrow. And Baltimore is now going through a wonderful green heatwave (uh, green because it's been raining a lot and everything is growing).

Anyhow, the important stuff: Guildhall. I turned on my phone in the airport and began to start checking my messages and found that there were two from Guildhall (neither with any information, just saying that I should call a fellow named Sean Gregory (don't know who he is yet, suspect that probably I should remember). So when I got home I went through my stack of mail and there was my acceptance letter! Which had been sent on the 11th! (Which no one bothered e-mailing me about though clearly they knew I was in London because one of Mr. Gregory's messages began with "I think you're back in the states now...") Which really isn't a problem, except that I have to make a final decision by Wednesday. Yes, that's right: tomorrow. So now I am playing phone tag with him.

BREAKING NEWS: don't you like how I'm just interjecting this and not starting a new post or anything? Right, Sean called me back and basically they thought I was super-cool and "have a lot to offer the program" how cool is that?! Not only am I in, I'm IN in. Woo!!! So, right. Sean is going to research deferring, but in the mean time I am to fill out the form as "accepting pending funding" so that I am registered at Guildhall as being a certain person (wow, that sentence didn't make a whole lot of sense.) Sean was also encouraging me to consider doing the program 1/2 time for two years (Half time gives full time status because it is more hours than part time, so it wouldn't be a problem visa wise.) so then I would have time to work in London, which is lovely and all, but I don't think actually solves the problem of paying for living in London (plus, I've been getting all excited about living in Seattle next year) Anyhow, whee!! We'll figure this all out as it comes along. Yup.


gwiz said...

what more can I say.

to quote Darth Vader, "Impressive. Most impressive (loud breathing noises)."

Anonymous said...

I got your postcard. :) Out of curiosity, what's your address now?


Love, Katie (Vassar version)