Saturday, April 14, 2007


Ozomatli is the best live band ever. For real. Anyone who can get an entire hall full of people standing up and dancing and waving their arms in the air during the very first song of the very first set is gifted and amazing and quite probably not entirely of this world. I got very sweaty. Plus, the shows are fun because they make you meet whomever is near you. In my case an older couple named Judith and Garreth. "Our names just have the same ending coincidentally, we didn't do it on purpose."

Also, again with the Capoeira: the opening band (which was terrible and felt like watching narcissistic people doing bad karaoke) had a couple of people doing capoeira during a few of their songs and it was awesome. One of the guys kept sliding across the floor on his head. On his head.

I also finally went to the design museum yesterday. And really? The bookstore was the best part. And I think I want Phaidon's entire catalog. I'm off to the Tate today, because I need to see some pre-raphaelites. It is just necessary.

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