Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tate Modern

Three things I have noticed with this blog:

1. I am both liberal and haphazard with my punctuation, particularly with commas.
2. Most of my titles involve exclamation points
3. I have been taking bizarre pictures. (loaf of bread? why? And I have four pictures of it...)

All that being said: Today I made a day of it and finally got over to the Tate Modern. I intended to go for half a day and then boat over to the Tate Britain (which I would still like to do at some point) but instead I fell in love with the museum and spent all day there. (Gorgeous day, by the way. I ended up walking all the way to the Westminster stop again because it was just so lovely out that I didn't want to be on the train while it was still light out. Plus, everyone and their brother was outside today which made for wonderful people watching.)

The giant gallery that they put out-sized installations in is currently filled with slides. Twisty, metal, amusement park slides that people screamed in as they went hurtling down anywhere from one storey to five. (I did the five storey one, of course.) You had to get a ticket to slide, and by 12:00, when I arrived, they were booked up until 2:30. So I vowed to get in line at that point and went of to discover the rest of the museum. I like it. I like it a lot. I like that they have organized by theme rather than necessarily by time period or artist (although that did end up happening sort of anyway.) And I have finally seen some Pollocks! And Rothkos!

Who are Gilbert and George and why have I never heard of them before? I bought an exhibition book about them because I was so entranced. (Plus, it was only £10.00 and I would have kicked myself if I hadn't.) I'll let you know more later after I have read the book.

I also finally picked up a copy of Time Out and now am hoping to go to the ballet on Saturday (I think, it isn't right in front of me.) So much to do, yay. Also, today I ran into Philip, a friend from the workshop who is actually from Portugal. He was meeting up with a friend at the museum and we were going to hang out later, but I can't get my blasted phone to work. So poo. Oh well, at least I got to chat with him a bit before jumping down the slide.

By the way, slides made by artists and their assistants? Very, very bumpy. It was a coiled slide and apparently takes 11 seconds from top to bottom. You know when you're little and someone pats you on the back and you say "ahh" and it's all rhythmic and fun? I said "ahh" all the way down, but quietly and too myself so as not to disturb other museum goers.


Andy said...

Casey, if you liked Gilbert and George, check out, "The Secret Public: The Last Days of the British Underground 1978-1988", at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Liz said...

It sounds like ever so much fun. Do have your camera out if you are going to be doing any serious people watching! I bet I would get real good at playing "pick the american"

Pictures, pictures, pictures... Of particularly odd objects are always in need!


Dan said...

Yup! Pictures! Pictures make me happy!