Monday, April 16, 2007


I made it in, have found the hostel (it is very upright and steep- the stairs feel more like a ladder than, you know, stairs) and have checked in. I haven't yet been able to get ahold of Peter, but will try again soon.

Here is my thought process from the flight in as we were landing:

Those are pretty houses...gosh it is really flat here. I wonder what crop would be that weird mauve color...Oh! It's the tulips! Look at all the tulips! The fields look like crayon boxes! Dude! Man, it really is flat though.

More later, I'm off to hunt down food and continue trying to reach Peter.


Mom said...

so how do Amsterdam tulip fields compare to Skagit Valley tulip fields?

glad to hear you made it there safely

Casitareina said...

I don't know yet. Skagit Valley I have only seen from the ground, and Amsterdam tulip fields I have so far only seen from the air. You know what it really reminded me of though? You know that "How Crayons are made" book that we have/had? (I loved that book) It reminded me of the test sheets that crayon testers would make. Very straight, narrow lines of vivid color.