Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The weather here has been humid, warm, and basically very summery. So today for school I decided to wear a summer dress which necessitated shaving my legs. You know how I've been losing things? Yeah, my lack of attention also meant that I ended up cutting the crap out of my legs....

So I was covered in band aids today and the tykes? They're short. So those band aids? They were at eye level. I was trying to be all subtle about it- covering my legs with the skirt of my dress and not pointing them out at all. But the tykes? They notice things. So we had to have a talk about safety because between my crutches and all the band aids the tykes are a bit concerned that I'm not doing a good enough job safety wise.

In other news: parents' open music day is next week. This means that the parents get to come in an watch me teach their kids. I'm a bit nervous. We've been practicing performing in the classes because apparently part of open music day is that the kids perform a song. But it is also supposed to be a regular music class? And we would never perform a song in regular music class? So how much do I try to show the parents- "hey look! Your kids can stand in a line and sing!" Or "hey look! Your kid is running around the room like a hyena and suggesting things like that we should have a grasshopper named Darth Vader!" And really, I want to have both. So we'll give it a go. I think I'll aim to have way too much to cover just in case everything takes a very short amount of time.

The nursery kids are way better at performing than their older brethren the reception kids. Does this seem weird to you? It seems weird to me. Also, it always fascinates me how differently the classes respond to the same activity. We've been doing a vocal warm up which involves chewing imaginary bubble gum, saying "MMmm" up high and down low, and then rubbing the popped bubble gum all off our bodies. Some classes get *really* into it calling out all the names of the body parts they know, and others are like "I am in my does not pop." (I always envision them in gerbil balls when they do that. How funny would that be? Tyke sized gerbil balls?)

You know what the problem is with the reception tykes song? Why they're not good at performing? (This just occurred to me) It's a boring song. They don't like it. (Or maybe *I* don't like it and that gets obvious...) Eh, the energy will be completely different next week anyway- parents and an audience will throw everything on to a different level. Wish us luck!

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