Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Odds and Ends

* Moises's brother is visiting from Spain to take an English course. He is 17, and you know how Moi is tall? Jose dwarfs him. So, in the interest of measuring them in feet and inches instead of meters, yesterday we whipped out my tape measure and gave it a go: Moi: 6'4", Jose 6'8" Did I mention he is only 17? He's excited about being in London where he can buy shoes that fit him. I congratulated him on his newest sneakers and then we had to have a long discussion about the difference in pronunciation between "shiny" and "Chinese"

*Moises recently got a computer which is great because A: it means he is around more often and B: it means his mom is on the phone. I *love* Moises's mother. She giggles uproariously and then sometimes she sings...also she frequently embarrasses her sons so that, even though I have no idea what she is saying (she's coming out of the computer's speakers in the kitchen), I can still look over, catch Moi's eye, and have him shake his head- at a loss for words. Seriously, she's the best.

*There's a tube strike! For 48 hours! Which is wreaking all kinds of havoc. I tried to take the bus home after school but with 3.5 million extra commuters, 100 extra buses (that's IT?!), and construction on Oxford street, I ended up walking a fair bit of it. Oxford street looked like a bus depot. Once I finally figured out that the buses really weren't going to go anywhere I got off and walked past at least 4 other buses from my route still trapped in the traffic up ahead. That is nearly an hour's worth of bus service trapped on one road...I can't imagine how far behind they ended up being. On the plus side as I was walking I knew that if I missed a bus when I finally got past the grid lock then there wouldn't be one that far behind.

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