Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bath day two

It is hot here. Very hot. Also, I was carrying far too much stuff in the heat yesterday so now my ankle has swollen up to the size it was two weeks ago. They gave me an instant ice pack in the YMCA gym, but that didn't stay cool for very long so now I'm soaking my foot in a bucket of water. This has the double effect of also keeping my whole body cooler. Nice.

Today was a bunch of run throughs. We started at 10 with notes from last night, then did some more tech rehearsals, a walk through, and a run through. All of that took until 7. A lot of hurrying up and waiting. But the show is strong now I think and I'm really looking forward to the first performance in two hours.

The programmes, by the way, are beautiful. And plentiful, they accidentally had a miscommunication somewhere down the line and there are 1,500 of them. Since we can only fit about 150 audience members per night and are performing for three nights- quick do the math and figure out how many extras we have. Anyone want one?

Also- we've not been so good at taking care of the beautiful church. There are some messy pieces (beautiful, but messy) and we may have maybe spilled some ink all over one of the columns. Maybe. The church has been really nice about it though, but we're meant to be extra vigilant for the rest of the run. And we're meant to re-paint where we've spilled...


Anonymous said...

Yes Please, G&G

Anonymous said...

You might keep the foot elevated when ever you are sitting around waiting , perhaps with the back of the calf supported so the knee is not strained, as in up on s chair seat, G&G