Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I forgot to mention

A big box of instruments showed up from the local council for the tykes. They seem to be free (for a private school?) and I'm super excited: chimes, triangles, some bongos, wood blocks, a whole set of fancy bells that you push a button to ding, and TONS of claves.

It's pretty sweet.

Is it weird that *actually* the part I'm most excited about is the delightful, lid-locking, plastic box that it all came in? I've been carting around the drums and egg shakers in a decrepit, slowly falling apart cardboard box the whole semester so it's SUPER exciting to have a nice carrying case with easy handles.

Oh! And the beautiful wooden xylophone that can be in F, C, or G! It's super fancy deliciousness and I had to keep taking the mallets away from the kids because they would not stop playing it.


Andy said...

Do any of the kids instinctively play in a key, or do they all bash away atonally?

Casitareina said...

bash away atonally.

The xylophone has replacable bars so there are and F#s and a Bb in addition to the diatonic C bars.

Pretty much they just hit it as hard as they can, the mallets are already bent!

Casitareina said...

A lot of kids will *sing* instinctively in key, but with an instrument they've not had any sort of experience with? Not so much.