Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bath time fun time

I just arrived in Bath today. This year's MapMaking project is part of the Bath festival "edge of life" or something like that. We're in a lovely old church that has been really nicely redone- new paint, fixed ceilings, interesting brass door handles that are shaped like people- I'll try to get a picture later.

We've been doing a technical rehearsal today and I'm so impressed with how MUCH electronic junk they've got in the room. There are wires everywhere and the main screen is 8 meters tall. Crazy. Very cool looking though. Again, pictures will follow.

We've got a run through tonight at 9:30 because we need to have it be dark enough to be able to see the screens. Bath is an early evening sort of town though, so it will be interesting to see how many people show up. We've got performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Dave and I have spent most of today wandering around various places and talking through my IPE. Always nice to get more people involved. You know what I just realized? Whenever I start talking to people about my IPE, they more often than not volunteer to be a part of it...that's kind of awesome isn't it? (If I have defined it yet IPE stands for Independent Practice Inquiry and it is what our final projects are called. Mine is on June 29th and that is what the bass ballet pictures have been from.

I'm not sure how around I'll be for the next couple of days- either a lot of entries because cool stuff is happening, or none because the Internet is...variable. I.e., I have no idea whose network I am currently on...thanks though!

The food has been kind of suspicious here. We are all staying at the local YMCA, which is kind of fun (she says before she's actually tried sleeping in a room with 12 other people.) So today instead of having the supper provided the other girls in my group and I went to Waitrose and bought a baguette, brie, and mixed salad for sandwiches. It fed 3.5 of us and was only 2.90. How clever are we?

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