Monday, October 1, 2007

Telephone numbers

Why are telephone numbers in the UK so random in their divisions? The first 3 numbers are the city code, then there are 8 for your phone number- so why don't people just stick to a sensical 020 1234 5678 division? But noooo, sometimes it is all jumbled together 02012345678 and how do you remember all that? And then sometimes it is 0201 234 5678 which helps a bit, but 020 is the area code, it's easy to remember and doesn't need to be mucked up with one extra number! And then there is this one 02012 345678. Do you see how my original format is the easiest to remember and to look at when dialing? So simple! So useful! So not standard!

And that is my rant for today.

I am in the computer lab up on the second floor (3rd if we're speaking 'merican here.) and I am currently surrounded by people I don't know. Hopefully that will begin to be remedied soon.

In any case I am all officially enrolled and will be able to pick up my Student ID card on Wednesday morning. (My hair was a bit too big for the photo, so some of it got cropped off...) I've run into four other people from the program- three of whom were in the workshop with me. Nicholas- the Mexican guitarist who is also staying at Sundial Court, Heather- the American cellist who is part of the CIM cello posse, Jo- the tuba player from London that I'm fairly certain I've written about before (I liked her a lot), and Jo's friend Emma whom I've just met and am not sure about what she plays. We have our department meeting tomorrow.

All the new students were crowded into the Music Hall which is apparently a performance space, but is quite small and filled with instruments so that it looks like a rather full rehearsal space (I'm sure it gets used for rehearsals too, but this is where the performances are? JVS (which was a gym!) looked vaguely more professional than this. I didn't realize I was getting spoiled with Friedberg at Peabody.)There were various speeches (take advantage of everything! Know why you want to be a musician! Blah Blah.)

There were giant queues everywhere, but I managed to get through fairly quickly and spent some more time being thankful for how helpful Polly and Jennifer Kay in the Registry office are.

It is cold and dreary, so I think I will now finish this particular entry and go back to my flat to bundle up a bit before going grocery shopping.


Andy said...

This seems to be the official phone format:
+44 (20) 8111-1111
according to

There is a tremendous amount of unintelligible information at

Apparently there used to be this bug in Microsoft products that English phone numbers would be misinterpreted as Egyptian: but I think that is fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Going to have a lot of blog to print and add to the book when we get home. Love your blogging!!! Thank you and love you bunches,