Thursday, October 4, 2007

I don't even know where to start...

The last couple of days have been awfully full, so I'm going to start by answering questions that my Dad sent me. It's as good a place to start as any and it has the added benefit of making sure that he knows I recieved the email. Two birds, one stone and all that.

Housing Questions

The housing is fine mostly. I have quite a spacious room that I have done really just a stellar job of making as messy as possible with as little stuff as possible. The bass in the middle of the room helps with that. (A bass? What?! But that story comes later. Housing questions, remember?) I have a twin bed with springs that jab into my back at night, but does look lovely with my red and orange comforter and Grammy's quilt. There is a wardrobe that opens into an easy chair that is blocking the three drawer drawer thingy, a desk, a hollow footstool storage box, a small cabinet, and a sink. It is arranged such that nothing is totally usable because everything blocks something else. I bought a tape measurer though, and I have great hopes for being able to rearrange everything so that it works more smoothly. In the mean time I have put up posters and pictures and, as I said, have strewn my stuff everywhere. (is strewn even a word?) Oh, and I have a big window and my herb pots. It's nice really.

The flat is set up like this: the door opens into a short thin hallway with a bathroo and a shower on the left. The hallway then turns right and is long and thin. On the left is the kitchen followed by two single rooms and on the right is three single rooms and a bathroom that doesn't have a shower. The kitchen has five cabinets, five drawers, and five lower storage cabinets. (There are five people in the flat) There is a reasonably sized fridge, an oven that is missing some buttons but is apparently still usable (I haven't tried yet), a stove unit next to the sink and across the room from the oven, a sink, a round kitchen table with five chairs, an ironing board, two irons, and a large, unweildly vaccuum.


There is a computer lab in the main school building, I'm currently in the library tying up one of the computers there, and there is no access in the dormitory rooms. There is apparently wireless access in the "basement" which is where the pub is and the laundry room. I haven't explored this yet, so I don't know how it works. I also have not yet explored skype. Nor bought a mobile phone. Nor a phone card. I'm just trying to be as unaccesible as possible... Sorry about all that.


I hadn't expected this to be as different as it seems to be. In America you have a schedule- it is very usually the same every week and the school knows what your schedule is. Oftentimes they know where there are double bookings before you do. This is so not in any way the case here. I have a large, year long schedule of the main class times from the leadership program which, for the most part, follow Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday evening, and Friday morning. But that simple ad schedule seems to be the exception rather than the norm. For instance, October 15-19? We'll be in Alderburgh. Which is totally neat and cool, but still. Also, projects come up at anytime and can be whenever. (How am I going to get a job?! I am very concerned about that. To be fair I haven't actually talked to anyone who can help me yet, and have instead just fretted.)

Then there are the electives...oh the electives. We need to take two over the course of the program- so two years. There is a list of about 20 offered electives, however many of these are very specific to certain departments and so if you're not in the department you can't take them. Then there are a few that are just wholly uninteresting. (Thanks, I've already done 5 years of theory, if I don't have to take it again- I won't.) That leaves about five electives- two of which are exactly what our program does and are led by Sean Gregory- the head of the Leadership Program and Professional Development Office. So cool, but what? Oh! Oh! And these classes aren't at specific times either, some are once a week but some are in intensive periods and none of them start until the fourth week of term. What?! You don't even start all your classes until half way through the first of three terms? This is bizzarre.

Meredith, the other American in my flat, and I had a good incredulity session about all this. It's kind of fascinating though.

As for my classes within the Leadership programme- they don't seem to vbe specific classes as such as much as times when we all meet and here are the things we'll normally do during those times. Things such as: Foundation in fundamental skills, creation and performance in community settings, creative ensemble, Voice, body and communication skills, percussion skills, and improvisation.

No idea what any of that is, but it sounds fun, doesn't it? When we had our first meeting and went around introducing ourselves I found myself sitting next to Sean and so ended up beginning the introductions. He said that I should tell my story of how I found the programme because it was a good one- so I explained that I had found this website that made no sense but was still totally intriguing. So I was totally confused and came to London. Where I was still confused, but really excited. Pretty much everyone echoed this sentiment ("I have NO idea what this programme is, but man, it's neat!") Clare said that someone had suggested a new tag line for Connect, which is the outreach and community branch of the professional development offiec. "Connect, the program that no one understands." Sean says he still can't quite explain what he does to his father.

OKay, and now I need to go back for more induction activities (I skipped lunch to write this for you!) I'll write more soon, I promise! Thought may I point out that specific questions help me on my way- because then I can answer those and have a jumping off point for my next entry. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

About the Bass??? thanks for the latest news. Sorry you missed lunch. Love you. G&G

Mical said...

Certainly sounds that the program et. al. would drive an organized individual literally up the wall or straight to a 'straight jacket'!!

Andy said...

Here's a link for Aldeburgh:

It sounds like a great trip!