Friday, May 7, 2010


I can't decide if I'm being clever by taking some time off because I'm clearly a bit sick, or if I'm just being a lazy bum and now I'm *so* bored because all of the excitement and awesome busy-ness of last week is over.

On the one hand, I am now caught up with sleep! Which is a good thing, because I had been working on about four hours a night. On the other hand, I am now a bit cranky and not doing those work things that I ought to.

"Work Things I Ought To Be Doing" includes writing some blogs to catch you up on last week. A quick re-cap: I arrived on Monday, on Tuesday I had work and rehearsals for The Skriker, Wednesday was the tykes, Thursday was 12 straight hours rehearsing and then performing the first night of the play, Friday was the play again, and then Saturday and Sunday were another improvisation weekend followed by a baroque orchestra gig. Whew! On Sunday night I travelled home with Sarahbeth and we ended up chattering away at each other on the train platform for over an hour. At one point an uncontrollable, massive grin spread across my face; "I love my life!" I said, bouncing up and down a little and trying not to drop my bass, which was a bit unsteady on its new wheels that I found in a trash heap.

The gig went well enough that on Monday I got a text asking if I could play again next week. Exciting! Also, I am no longer teaching the Kids on Wednesdays: only Tuesdays now. This is a great relief and I am pleased because 8 hours of tykes followed immediately by an hour of the kids made me stressed out and cranky.

So that's the quick update. There are two more game events coming up soon, which I am very excited about. One I am crewing for (a zombie hunt on Hampstead Heath...) and one that is a small test run of 15 people/picnic. And you can't really go wrong with a picnic.

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