Friday, May 14, 2010

Cleaning House

Literally, not metaphorically.

I have these ridiculous four to five day weekends currently. (That's what I get for only working two days out of seven.) And because I don't have any other projects on at the moment I've been strenuously trying to keep myself doing productive and good things. Today? That meant cleaning the whole flat.

We've been having a bit of a mouse problem. About two weeks ago I finally got brave and moved my bed, cleaned up under and around it, and plugged up the mouse hole by the radiator with steel wool. I don't want to put traps around because I would be the one to keep track of and empty the traps- so I'm trying a strategy of prevention. We haven't seen any mice since, but surely that was not their only entry point? Anyhow- the rest of the house has been a bit of a pig sty so today I went through and tidied, vacuumed, and am now avoiding washing *everything.* This way, at least, if we find more mouse poo then that means that they're still here. If not? We're golden! Woo! (Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.)

I needed to move all of the stuff off of the floor in order to clean and now I'm enamored with all of this floor space. Maybe we don't need to keep a bag full of plastic bags on the floor? We do use them for our rubbish bins, but maybe we can figure out some other place to store them- it's just so nice with a direct shot to the balcony (which we don't use, but still).

This blog is not terribly informative, I just wanted to share what I had been up to today.

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