Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lamination! (tykes) (and kids)

I do so love laminating things. Tuesday is my planning day so Linda and I get together and sort out what on *earth* we are going to do for music club each week and then set about doing any of the bits and bobs necessary for club or tomorrow's lessons. We've decided that this week is going to be a big sing along wherein we have the tykes sing traditional songs with the REAL words and just enjoy doing that.

So I've created a stack of pictures to be put with the instruments and books that can be checked out be the classroom teachers during the rest of the week. The pictures have been pasted onto yellow card with the name of the song written on the back and then laminated. They're beautiful. (I'm not sure that we should be teaching the tykes to have such a flagrant disregard for copyright law given the fact that all of the pictures were found via google image search, but oh well.)

You've got your London Bridge is Falling Down featuring a picture of Tower Bridge (just to continue the tradition of confusion), Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes which I always have trouble singing properly because even though your hands are going *down* onto your shoulders- the pitch is going up, Row, Row, Row Your Boat featuring two children in a white rowboat, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, and Jack Be Nimble.

So that was a fairly productive half hour... (I love my job: Cutting! Sticking!)

This afternoon was an hour with the Kids. Theoretically we're preparing something Samba related for the next concert at the end of June. In reality we're learning note values and names! And because this is ENGLAND these are the names we're learning: crotchet, quaver, minim. We walked around in time to various note values, we used different body percussion for different note values (crotchet=clap, quaver=taps on the head, minim= patting knees), and we played note value Tic Tac Toe! Oh, except because this is ENGLAND we played note value Naughts and Crosses...yay!

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