Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is pretty amazing. Here's how:

1. I have this giant final project that I'm working on. It is big, scary, and tremendously exciting when I can get past those first two bits. One of the things that I have been struggling with is pulling all the disparate parts of it together- handily my mom is a bad ass program manager and has been giving me tips. By "tips" I mean lavishing huge amounts of time and effort to coach me through different aspects of the project. I can't even begin to explain how helpful it has all been. I have someone that I can ask really stupid questions to, someone I can freak out to because I'm falling behind and not only does she listen and not think I'm an idiot- she also helps me work through whatever that particular issue is with the project and also helps me realize that I'm doing quite a good job and it's all coming together. Which is pretty phenomenal. We do email updates and phone calls and I have someone to bounce ideas off of and someone who can help me to organize all the thoughts going through my head. I'm so lucky. Plus, it is really fun to work with her in this way- it is fun to see her in work mode and playing with these tools and ideas; playing with me.
2. She's secretly super goofy.
3. She taught me to feed everyone. This has turned out to also be useful in my project- I've been keeping my team well fed. The bagels this morning were a hit!

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laine said...

I can't believe you told the super goofy secret.