Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ankle Goodness

I *finally* had my appointment with the doctor at school (I've seen the nurse a couple of times and she is wonderful, but I hadn't managed to meet with the doctor until today.) She reckons that I did actually fracture my ankle a bit- like a tiny bit of bone came off when I ripped the ligament off the bone (aaahh!!!!) but she also says that it is looking quite good and I should stop using my crutch.

She poked around all the parts where it still REALLY hurts. Those portions of my ankle that I have been very careful not to touch. Then she started pushing on them (aaahh!!!!) and massaging them (aaahh!!!!) probably not very hard, but it sure felt like it.

Fortunately by the time she was done about 10 minutes later after many reminders to breathe, my ankle felt much better. I see her again in two weeks because that was the next closest time we could find.

I can now point and flex both my feet! There is, however, an amusingly large difference between what angle I can get my right and left feet into.

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