Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ankle update

My ankle is healing. I get confused about how much I can actually do on it or not and have been displaying a tendency to overuse it. Like when I did my usual walk through Hyde park to my bus stop after school. It normally takes about 20 minutes. Yesterday it took an hour with frequent stops to remind myself that it was okay to slow down. I didn't need to keep trying to do my normal pace with my crutch.

*The purple is now turning yellow. Weirdly I'm developing pinpoint bruises at the base of my toes.
*Pointing and flexing my foot is more or less comfortable, while side to side is something that I am trying to avoid.
*Keeping my ankle elevated means that I am starting to hurt my knee from overextending it. *People on buses always get up if you've got a crutch. (I even had an old man stand up for me once and another time an elderly woman purposefully gripped my arm in order to give me a hand on to the bus. She didn't say anything, just firmly took my elbow.)
*People on tubes do not even look up. I was unwilling to be pushy about it on the tube, so I just stood for 4 stops until a seat finally opened up.
*Seriously. Don't run for buses in flip flops.

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