Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catch up number whatever

1. The picture from "bass ballet" is the first still from a video we made of a practice with my dancer and I for my final project. I just thought it had such lovely lines so I thought I'd put it on the blog.

2. Ankle update: I've been using my crutch this whole week, which I think has been helpful. I've also been elevating it and icing it. What I haven't really been doing is resting it to any particular degree. Sorry ankle. I've got a doctor's appointment to look at it on Wednesday. It's still pretty swollen and bruised.

3. London has been having RIDICULOUSLY nice weather the last couple of days. I'm only inside writing blogs for you because I love you, otherwise I would be outside sitting in the glorious sun.

4. Do you know the term "fly tipping?" This is how wikipedia defines it:

Fly-tipping ("sneaky dumping"[2] or "dumping on the fly"[3]) is a British term for illegally dumping waste somewhere else than in an authorised landfill.

Somebody (we suspect our upstairs neighbors) has been doing so in our front yard. Currently we have an entire bed, a dismantled vacuum cleaner, multiple giant cans of paint, boxes of assorted sizes, and roughly 20 bags of garbage sitting in front of our house. This has been bringing in vermin and dumpster divers. Awesome. We're calling the council.

6. Marissa, Laine's friend from Scripps, was just in London for her first international business trip! We hung out all yesterday and ended up walking through the gigantic hordes of tourists along Portobello Rd. (Would you like a £3,000 pewter tankard? Because I know where to find one now.) then we ended up walking down to Kensington gardens through to Hyde park. We skipped Green park and took the tube to Leicester Sq. to have tasty udon and sushi before walking to Buckingham palace, through St. James park, and ending up at Smith Square where I was selling programmes for Lufthansa baroque.

I have helpfully highlighted walking for you in the preceding paragraph so that you can get a good idea of how much I'm abusing my ankle. Oops. (But it was lovely out! And I've missed walking!)


Andy said...

How are the strawberries?

Casitareina said...

I haven't found English strawberries yet, but I will say that the asparagus is lovely this year. :)