Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I have been up to

*Flat hunting: we've looked at 3 flats now, talked about many others, and had more conversations and phone calls than you can shake a stick at. The London rental market moves really quickly, so most of the places we could look at for September won't even be listed until late August and I understand that it would be really nice to get this all sorted, but I think we should just sit tight until then.

*IPE: the dancers are busy, the actors are busy, and the musicians are being lovely and flexible. We'll see what day my final show happens and in what form- I may need to re-think it. A lot. I have, however, now seen Bishopsgate hall where the performance will be and it is a nice space, though with quite a boomy acoustic. Probably better for spoken word than say, a brass quintet playing Mozart.

*Reading: I'm getting a bit ridiculous with my book consumption. Novel wise I'm reading a lot of Robin Hobb. Interesting non-fiction wise I just finished The Empty Space and Out of Our Minds and I highly recommend the second one. It is about education policy, the modern workforce, and the nature of creativity. Fascinating read.

*Workshops, workshops everywhere: the only thing I actually have been writing about.

*Voice lessons: I've now taken two voice lessons from Nia, one of the first graduates of the MMus Leadership course. She is welsh and kooky and amazingly knowledgeable about everything surrounding singing. I feel very silly during lessons, but have already noticed some improvement. I'm done with lessons for this year, but will continue next autumn- which really isn't that far away...

I've probably been doing other things as well, but that is what I can think of for the moment.

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