Sunday, June 22, 2008

I hugged Jerry Springer!

Last week I walked through Hyde Park on my way to Wigmore Hall to see Peter play with the English Concert. On my way there I stopped by Speakers Corner, which I had read about, but never managed to actually go to before. Mostly it is a bunch of crazy, incredibly angry people yelling at tourists who mostly don't speak English. It's weird.

But! There are a couple of dedicated folks who come out every Sunday and stand with signs saying "Free Hugs" which pretty much makes my day. I got to talking to them and they invited me to join them this week- so I did. And it was fun- I'm now in many, many tourist's holiday photos. My favorites were when whole families would see us and then egg each other on to get hugs.

At one point there was a huge crush of people and as they left Nigel (Nigel and Stuart are the two who are there every week) realized one of them was Jerry Springer- who promptly got mobbed by other people who recognized him.

So the headline might be a lie- I know Nigel hugged Jerry Springer, but I *might* have- maybe. My first celebrity encounter in London...


Anonymous said...

This set of grandparents had to be enlightened about who Jerry Springer is. Had never run across the dude!!

gwiz said...

ohmygodohmygodohmygod!! can I touch you?!