Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phrases that still don't make any sense to me, but that secretly I adore

I've been in the UK for nearly a year now (school year that is, close enough) and I have been keeping a list in my moleskin with precisely the label above. Here is what I've compiled:

"at the weekend"
None of this "on" or "during" the weekend, no- the weekend is apparently a place. Also, understand that it is pronounced wee-KEND in the UK, not WEEK-end like in the US.

"it's got --- in"
in IT people, it's got --- in IT. (My favorite is when they say "Ooo, it's got bits in!" which is remarkably both very descriptive and very not descriptive.) When describing trifle: "yay! It's got glace cherries in!"

means terribly/mildly disappointed (depending on the context). Works best in a British accent though, because then you get the really hard T sound in the middle. I love it when people say they were gutted. Not because they were deprived of something, I'm not laughing at their disappointment: I just really love the sound of that word.

a variety of meanings this one has- smelly, dirty, generally unhygienic, distasteful. See also "minger" and "ming"

rhymes with "hinge" means whine.

"good job I/you/we ---"
means, "it's a good thing that" for instance- good job I have this blog so that I can keep ya'll informed, huh? Good job I got onto this program so I get to live in London. Good job you read this blog, otherwise I would be writing to myself....

"more faith than sense"
I don't remember where I heard this phrase, but isn't it wonderful?

"silly old moo"
A co-worker described herself thus when explaining a fall she had taken at the weekend. I was so tickled I wrote it down on my list straight away.

British sayings I don't understand, but that secretly irritate me:
fortunately a shorter list!

"whilst" instead of while. Used all. the. time.
"bless" said before, during, or after putting someone down. "Ah, bless. He's a bit dim."

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nortonmiddaugh said...

It's a good job you wrote this. I laughed whilst reading it.

Oh, and I LOVE "it's got bits in!"