Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lainey Time

We've been having a good time out here in London. However, we are still failing massively at the whole "taking pictures" thing. Sorry about that.

On Tuesday we took a walk from the Barbican through Spitalfields to Bricklane to Whitechapel and then on to Mile End. It was a really lovely walk-except that it was raining the entire time and we were more than a little soaked when we finally got to where Laine had lived way back in 2004. It was nice to see how everything connects though. "See" is maybe a strong word- I ended up taking off my glasses because they were so covered in water that they were useless to see through.

I had friends playing gigs on Wednesday and Thursday and so brought Laine along to those as well. Wednesday was 'Boutique' a band that includes my classmate Emma at a bar on Old Street. There were a couple of other bands playing that night that included various Leadership students. So that was nice. I was worried about time because I wasn't sure what time Emma was playing. It ended up being a silly worry because we were some of the first people there. That did mean we got the cushy couch to sit in though and also meant that we ended up being the anchor for Guildhall people coming into the club.

On Thursday my friend Jon had a gig in Whitechapel as part of a weekly acoustic set at The White Hart pub. The set ended up being entirely boys with guitars- but really nice at that. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and Laine and I ended up with the couch again, 'cause we're cool like that.

Laine is off to Poland tomorrow, but I'm not seeing her off because I'm volunteering all day at another CREATE workshop at Conway hall.

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