Thursday, June 26, 2008

Globe trotting

I've been looking up airfares for this summer (well, later this summer and in to autumn, depending on how you look at it) and I think I've managed to find all three flights for less than $1,300 total- which, considering how late in the game it is- I am quite pleased with.

In any case, these are the dates that I'm looking at, just to give you a heads up for when I'll be in your area

London to New York: Thursday August 14
New York to Seattle: Saturday August 30
Seattle to London: September 12

So, not quite two full weeks in Seattle which is really too bad-but! I will be back for Christmas this year.

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C.S. said...

Yay! Think you'll have some time to swing by Boston? Our anniversary is the 20th so we probably won't be in town around then, but otherwise we'll be around! (Tope)