Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have books!

And thank goodness the Barbican library is getting closed over Easter break for refurbishments- because that means we can check 16 books out instead of 12 and because I still have all of my sea shanty books that means I totally hit the limit.

Today I discovered the "arts" section of the library and oooh I'm going to have fun there. I was trying to be restrained though, so here is what I've got:

Impro: improvisation and the theatre- this was recommended on Mommy's other favorite blog (getrichslowly.blogspot.com) and was the impetus behind discovering the arts section of the library. Silly me though, when I went to look for it I only memorized the first 3 digits of the call number so I had to look through the whole section...darn.

The Master of Movement- by Rudolf Laban- I got an introduction to Laban in conducting class at Peabody and thought it was so interesting that I still talk about it all the time- so good idea to actually read his book, yeah?

Laban's principles of dance and movement notation- this will almost certainly go straight over my head. Ah well, worth a try in any case.

Conversations with Choreographers- Could be interesting... I don't recognize any of the names, but again, worth a try.

Games for Actors and Non-Actors- I super like Open Call, but don't know how to set something up like that yet- I'm hoping this will be useful.

Some books that I left on the shelf include one about dancing with physically disabled people and some others that I wanted but don't remember now...

Off to go to a choir concert now, but I wanted to write and let you know what my reading list is!


Mom said...

My daughter, the arts geek. You have a break coming up and time to read any trash romance you want and you go for the improv and movement books. You are so a part of this family. Books recommended to me recently are How Doctors Think and Influencer - related on the intuition side, but totally different fields. Your father bought all the gap year and getting into college coaching books he could find. Andy - what's on your list?

Moogle Crusader said...

sounds like you'll have a bit of decent reading. let us know if Games for Actors and Non-Actors is any good- that could be elpful for our YG!