Sunday, March 2, 2008

An effort to make these posts somewhat shorter

I figure it is a good thing to break the screen up a bit when writing about a bunch of different things. So instead of putting all of Mommy's portion of the visit in one entry- I've broken it up in to two.

On Friday I had classes all day long and Mommy had a business meeting. We had the second composition class (which turns out to be more workshop skills and practice time, different from what I was expecting: but very useful and fun), a meeting about the MapMaking project, and a meeting about the Gambia trip. Also, I got one of my shots for The Gambia- no Hepatitis A or Typhoid for me! We ended up having dinner at this lovely Moroccan restaurant on Old Street where I proceeded to chatter away for about 2 hours. So that was nice. There was a dance party in the basement and Latana convinced both Mommy and I to show up- it was actually pretty fun, though I could have done without the fog machine.

Saturday found us on a boat to Greenwich. I now take everyone to Greenwich, this is mostly because it is beautiful and has tasty food in the market. We had a lovely time walking around the park (I love that park), eating sushi and Caribbean food, and gazing at London from the vantage point of a boat on the Thames. We got back to Central London around 6:30 and decided that we should really do something more with our day so we wandered over to the 1/2 price tickets booth and ended up going to a hip-hop dance version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which was good, but not great. We also spent a lot of time discussing what specifically could have been done differently to make the production great.

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