Monday, March 17, 2008


Tomorrow I have the afternoon afternoon off! This is the first afternoon off in five weeks. Oi. That is not strictly true because I have had my weekends at least- I tend to use those to sleep.

Tomorrow morning we are performing in the foyer of the Barbican Center as a pre show for the "Ready Steady Blow!" concert. I'm not totally sure what Ready Steady Blow is, but it involves the Morpeth band from the Globetown project, the Symphonic band from GSMD, and I think some other people? I don't know. But in any case the 1st year leadership ensemble is finally having our premiere! We named ourselves 9lives which I think I told you before...(I keep forgetting that we have a name.)

We were originally going to play for half an hour so we have been scheduling all sorts of extra rehearsals in order to write a new piece- but then we got cut down to twenty minutes so we're back to playing the two pieces that we have already written. So we now have a tradition of writing a new piece and then getting it cut... but that is okay because we have rehearsed the other two a bunch and they're ready to perform.

The other pieces are "Earth" from the Globetown project and "D3" from last term. Since we've now rehearsed them so much we've realized that they are actually the same piece...they start out with a tuba solo, have a tune written by Nick, are basically a giant crescendo, have a dropping off point where it cuts out to a solo on electronics by Emma, they both have cello solos, etc.


But then I am done with Leadership things for the term! I still have the LCDS project and I need to do a little more work on the MapMaking project and then get ready for my Baltimore trip (Have I told you about this, yet? I'm visiting Baltimore for 12 days because Angela scheduled her senior recital so that I could come- how great is that?)

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