Sunday, March 23, 2008

9lives had a gig!

We played on the free stage at the Barbican before Ready, Steady, Blow! which was a large concert attended by many many many primary school children and performed by the Guildhall Symphonic Wind Band, the 1st year GSMD wind, brass, and percussion students, the Morpeth band from Globetown, and the something and Dagenham youth music something or rather...sorry to be so unhelpful with that one.

Anyhow- Tara's parents came to hear us play and I convinced them that a really good idea would be for them to take pictures for me. These are the best of the results. (I particularly like the one of me and Jo looking off into the distance together.)


Anonymous said...
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laine said...

Took a while to find you in these pics... Your face was blurry and i couldn't figure out WHAT INSTRUMENT you were playing!

love you, and have fun in baltimore! (we've been watching the wire, so now I know everything about bmore...)