Monday, February 11, 2008

Venus and Mars

Bonner's planets are Venus and Mars. They have pretty great lyrics:
Beautiful but dangerous
fatal yet glamorous
fire most mysterious
clouds of acid poison us
standing on the surface of mars
lonely and very very cold
gazing up at two moons
icy rocks and rusty dunes
oh what beauty, mystery
exists in outer space
oh what bright and shiny stars
mars and venus eclipse them all

neat, huh?

The structure of the song looks a bit like a pallindrome: chorus V1 V2 instrumental break instrumental break v1 v2 chorus. Sig leads the vocal parts and since the boys don't really sing (they growl) the girls are the only ones who sing the chorus and most of verse two. I lead the percussion enterances and Nick leads the wind instruments and the break.

singers piano clarinets flutes trumpets trombones
singers twinkle-thing drums shakers cabasas
singers xylophones xylophones xylophones

There are four bangladeshi trombone girls. They rock. They are the best instrumentalists we've got- a lot of power and they're actually in tune. They're pretty awesome. The shakers are a bunch of squirrelly little boys- we've been working on egg shaker skills. Hold two shaker eggs firmly in one hand and then shake from your elbow but make small motions....

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