Sunday, February 17, 2008

Globetown rehearsal

The dress rehearsal for Globetown went very well. The video should give you an idea of how many kids we were dealing with. The final rehearsal was over 3 hours long without a real break. The primary school kids in particular were remarkably well behaved while the rest of the schools were doing their run throughs. We were seated in a circle around the perimeter of Morpeth's smaller gym. Each school sat in a group with their own instruments.

This was the first time since the launch of the Globetown project 5 weeks ago that the students were all in one room together and the first time that they had heard any of the songs that the other schools had written and been working on.

In addition to the individual schools' songs the kids also learned the tune to the sun song and the words to the asteroids song (asteroids-interplanetary, asteroids- dark and dangerous, asteroids- useless cosmic garbage, asteroids- mysterious). Those two choruses combined with "Welcome to the solar system" are the big tutti bits of the final concert.

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