Monday, February 11, 2008

Globetown Project

The concert for the Globetown project is this Thursday so today and Tuesday are the finsal rehearsals at the primary schools. The team at Globe School wanted a bass line, so I went and played with them today. Globe School is a very vertical school- six stories, but only one building. It is also, paradoxically, a short school which meant that I kept knocking the top of the electric bass on the ceiling of the stairwells.

The Globe school has a lot of steel drums, so they feature heavily in their song which is about the Gas Giants (Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter). There is also a full row of guitars, a row of recorders, and a couple of trombones, clarinets, and trumpets. My favorite lyric from their song is "Giant spherical orbs" because what better time to work on vocab words than during a music workshop?

Today we rehearsed and ran the song for about an hour and half and then we played it for the assembled students of the school. The youngest kids were totally rocking out during the performance and bouncing around in their seats (mostly in time! I was impressed).

We had an evening rehearsal at Morpeth secondary school this afternoon. We haven't seen them in a week because of half term break. There is still a fair amount of work to go with them, but it's coming together. This whole thing has been really exciting getting to see all of these pieces coming together and the kids learning fairly long bits of music entirely by ear.

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