Sunday, February 17, 2008

Royal Opera House

On Saturday Latana took me to the Royal Opera house for an educational lecture that they were giving in an upstairs studio. They invited a bunch of music students (and clearly some other people, but definitely a bunch of music students) to come and view how rehearsals are run at the opera house. They are putting on Mozart's "The Magic Flute" currently. The lecture/demonstration was run by their assistant director: a bulgarian woman who had amusingly bad english. The singers they brought in were the 3 ladies (The Queen of the Night's henchwomen) but one of them had the flu so they last minute brought in an older Mezzo-soprano who is currently singing with the London Opera in the Mikado. The older woman knew the part in English and the two who are singing in the Royal Opera House's production knew it in German which meant that immediately everyone giggled whenever the 3rd lady sang.

Since Tamino (the prince) wasn't there because there wasn't a singing part for him in that scene the asst. director asked for a volunteer from the audience. Then she asked for some volunteers to become the monster who is chasing Tamino around at the very beginning of the opera. Of course I volunteered. That is what the pictures are from. There were ten of us and we decided to become a many tenticled monster thing. The difficulty was in trying to stay in one group while chasing Tamino around the room/studio. Having 10 people run in a bunch is quite difficult...

Anyhow- it was totally fun and I enjoyed the 3rd lady stand in that Mommy and Daddy and I are going to go to The Mikado while they are in town.

Spellcheck continues not to work, I apologise for grieveously misspelled words.

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