Monday, February 4, 2008

First day of work

Not as boring as it could have been.

I actually get trained on Thursday, but they went ahead and put me to work today anyway. (I would like to point out that I was not only awake, but dressed and at work by 8:30 this morning. Which I realize isn't impressive for a lot of people- but this is me we're talking about and I was functional before noon.)

Everyone is very nice at Finsbury Healthcare and they gave me many, many cups of tea.

I spent a lot of time filing doctors' correspondence, putting tabs on new patients' folders, and playing with letter stickers (for identifying the first 3 letters of patients' surnames.) The letter stickers are on rolls in boxes that have been taped together so that you have this two foot tall box of multicolored alphabet in front of you. That was my favorite part of the day.

I need to figure out what to wear for the job- there are so many files that they are quite difficult to get in and out of the filing cabinets which led me to sit on my knees a fair bit. I can't wear jeans, but my fancier work trousers are really not going to hold up if the get dragged across the floor as much as they were today. Khakis maybe? I've never owned any khakis. Well, that I liked.

The girl whom I'm replacing because she got promoted was being trained today in how to answer the phones. There wasn't a whole lot interesting to listen to in the office, so I was evesdropping a bunch and basically? I am really happy that I am not going to have a career in medical administration. Even though she will be talking to people and talking to people is much more up my alley than alphabetizing, I would still so much rather be in my job than her job. Finsbury Healthcare does a really good job of promoting from within, so a lot of the people working there have been there since they were doing my job as students. Which is admirable, but man am I glad that I will not be follwing in their footsteps.

Anyhow- it was a very successful first day, but I need to remember to bring snacks next time because I got very hungry. Though not thirsty- the tea took care of that.

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Moogle Crusader said...

hope you have fun there- sounds like a friendly place :)

- Matt