Friday, February 5, 2010

See How I'm Posting This?

This blog entry right here- see how it has come up on your computer? Isn't that so cool?!

You may think "Oh, that's not so great. We've seen these blogs before..." and be all unimpressed. But hmmph. This blog is *special* and want to know why? Because last week our downstairs neighbors whom we had been sharing internet with abruptly moved. This means that we were abruptly without internet. Alas.

So I got online at a friend's house and ordered The Internet. Well, I ordered the modem and the router and all that jazz. And THEN, because I was feeling both all cheap and all feisty, I clicked "self install" which was 20 quid less than getting a guy in to come do it for me.

So this internet? That I am using to write this blog with? Yeah. I installed it all by myself. And it WORKS! WOo! And it was delivered in a giant red box by UPS!

Thanks. I just wanted to share.

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nortonmiddaugh said...

THAT'S my girl! A little more of that, and you can open the London office.