Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New School: The Second Week

I've been having anxiety dreams about the new school. Now in my second week, I dreamt that half of the kids decided to drop the class because they thought it was such rubbish. Terrible dream that was.

So imagine how I felt when, after a very long day's teaching one of the new kids exclaimed to her mother;
"It wasn't serious at all!"

Was that good? Was that bad? Was she going to come back for the next lesson?

I froze.

Fortunately, her mother asked for me-
"So does that mean you want to come again next week?"

It was a resounding yes. Thank goodness!

(A similar conversation happened two minutes later, but since this second conversation was entirely in French I had to have it translated for me and it has less of a visceral impact.)

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Anonymous said...

Haven't told you yet that I love the picture of you with your bass. Love G&G