Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back In London!

So I'm back in the UK country. It's a good thing. The flight was just fine, though I was reading a book that talked a lot about aviation failures and for the first time in my life was a little afraid of flying, but it worked out okay in the end, we didn't crash. (whew.)

Back in London today I have been catching up on paperwork and the like that I have been ignoring for three weeks. Bills are paid, address is changed for *most* things, AND applied for another job. I've got a bunch more I need to apply for- at some point I'll be able to pay my own way...I've been making a budget for this year (a necessary step) and this will work, I think. Fingers crossed and all that.

The flat is still totally packed, but I'll be starting to work on that soon.

Seattle was a brilliant visit. I spent most of the time clearing out my parents basement and garage- it was really fun. Satisfying to see floor space clearing up and cleaning floors and making usable space. I had a great time. Good to see everyone in the family too. (You guys are awesome.)

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