Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Almost Tyke Time

You guys missed the tyke blogs, didn't you? Don't worry, the tykosity is nearly back again. This afternoon I went to meet the new upper school music teacher, the new reception year teacher, and have a meeting with my boss.

I got there a bit before people were ready so I went and had a chat with some of the tykes who were still there. It is early days yet in the year so a lot of the nursery children are only there in the morning- easing in to the whole idea of school. That meant that the tykes who were still there were tykes that I knew.

I was greeted in a variety of ways. Two tykes (who were AT holiday camp and who TOTALLY know me) forgot who I was. One tyke growled like a monster with big scary claws, and when I growled back (claws included) he buried his face in my elbow. One of the reception classes came berreling down the stairs to go to garden time and started shouting "Miss Casey! Miss Casey!" They enveloped me in hugs- which is totally why I teach this age group. The other reason I teach this age group is their pursuadability- some of the hugs were definitely from tykes I haven't met yet- but everyone else was giving Miss Casey hugs so surely that is just what one does, right?

The meeting with my boss and the new music teacher was a little bit awkward- we were all feeling a bit defensive about our work and the things we'd like to try and do- which was really silly because we're all talking about the exact same things. So here is what we've decided: where to put the music planning on the academic server (not at all clear, there are at least 4 possibilities that would make perfect logical sense), that having me at school for more than one day a week would be a good thing, and that it would be nice to get more integration between the upper school music and the early years music.

By the end of the day, Linda, the new music teacher, and I had formulated big plans. Things like integrated music clubs, a box of activity cards for teachers to help in extending music lessons throughout the week, and...um...I'm sure I've got more written down somewhere but that is what I remember.

In anycase- I have school bright and early tomorrow morning, I almost have a lesson plan ready, and I have a job interview for another early years post in the afternoon. Classy. Oh, and today I walked from Hyde park to Oxford Street to Tottenham Court Rd to King's Cross down to Angel past the Barbican and then into Shoreditch. Pretty awesome, huh?

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