Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Thanks for being my favorite aunt- even though you're the only one I have you're still the absolute top. You introduced us to "spoil the nieces" and the joys of peering into houses that are for sale.

Remember when we went to see In America and we stopped by your friend's flower shop and ended up with bouquets of orchids for the movie? I think all movies should involve bouquets with orchids the colors of skittles.

I wouldn't know anything about salted liquorice without you. And Crossing Jordan while eating that liquorice.

Thanks for helping to send me to London. It's been brilliant and wonderful (And without you the title of this blog would be somewhat nonsensical...)

Remember at the Horniman when we were folding cranes and you pointed out that I really should be a teacher? It turns out I've been having quite a lot of fun doing just that. Good thing you're observant as well as being such a good role model in that capacity.

Plus- you have the most conveniently memorable birth date ever- (there are two of us, our birthday is the 14th, there is one of you so divide ours by 2 and you get the 7th! I think it's handy.)

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